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Connet2Know Application

The client is a customer service provider who offers services to various businesses across the globe. Connect2Know was initiated with the vision to provide intelligent customer service solutions.


The client required a one on one customer support app for iPhone that connects consumers to businesses and allowed consumers to provide feedback and report issues or complaints directly to companies via instant messages and enabled them to follow-up in the same manner. The app is integrated with systems like Salesforce.


The client found the existing web-based and mobile app-based self-service customer service solutions to be non-intuitive and complex. The owners of the company had noticed the rising demand for online customer service channels by frustrated consumers. They were time-consuming, costly, and outdated. Consumers found these apps challenging to navigate and utilize because they lacked the context of the customers’ problems. Keeping the challenges in view, the client decided on creating a mobile-based intelligent customer service app. The app would capture customer feedback and complaints in the form of instant messaging (IM) chat conversations and also provide follow-ups and solutions for those in the same manner. The company partnered with Brandezk to help bring this solution to life.


Our development team built the chat response system based on pre-set questions provided in the questionnaire pushed from the Admin console. The admin console was available to the clients. It allowed them to create and upload a template of questions that were pushed as IM chat messages for various issues or possible consumer concerns and complaints. The admin console also can add a CRM system that can then be linked to the mobile and web app for ticket capture.

Through the admin console, the app can configure encryption type and methodology and categorize complaint topics by problem type.


Key features of the website include:

  • Ability to attach images to chat messages
  • Integration with CRM systems like Salesforce
  • Local storage of all IM chats in an encrypted format
  • Fully customizable app


The new website was designed keeping in mind the user base of Hyphen Human Development. Since it will be accessed from a myriad of devices globally, we created it based on the responsive website development methodologies that allowed the website to adjust its size according to the device display screen size without losing its functionalities. The website is also fully compatible with different browsers and creates a smooth web browsing experience for the user.

Thanks to Brandezk development team efforts, the client was able to turn his revolutionary idea into a proper customer service & support platform within a year. The app was well-received by the client, his investors and the target audience.


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