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Why Web Design Is As Important As Web Development?

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Why Web Design Is As Important As Web Development

Gone are the days when businesses mainly focused on web development and didn’t consider web design as a significant part of their website. Nowadays, this trend has changed and businesses do seem concerned about their web designs the same as development. They consider it a core aspect of their online presence as this is what a user can see about them.

An astounding web design enables you to interact with your audiences in a meaningful way.

Why is this the case? Let’s find out.

Web design Vs. Web Development

Web development means building the core structure of your site using any coding language. On the other hand, web design is like creating an attractive front for your online store, which is user-centric.

Web developers bring to life the creativity and vision of web designers. Both these domains are different,yet they:

Complement each other

Are extremely necessary

Work in tandem


Web Development


Web development is like creating a structure

It requires programming knowledge

Constructs logical, programmatic websites based on a coding language


Web Design


Web design makes the structure visually pleasing

It is based on creativity

It brings a brand’s idea into an onscreen reality

Web design and web development can be compared with the mustard and ketchup on a hot dog which, when combined, enhances the taste of it manifold.

Creating a website from scratch? You will require awesome web development services for a strong foundation and the designelement will make the structure look and feel the way your users want.

Before we move towards the importance of web design in the current times, let’s discuss a couple of points.


What’s the point of good web design?


With more and more businesses turning to the virtual world and vying for attention, the competition has become cutthroat. Every business wants to make a mark on their audiences.Especially in these troublesome times of COVID-19, as an online business, you would want people to remember your brand so that you stay ahead of the competition.

Therefore, to cater to the complex needs of highly discerning and savvy customers who have gone through millions of web designs on the internet, you will have to create an aura for yourself. And this can only be done if you have a web design that:

Appeals to them

Addresses their desires

Contains visuals that comply with their interests

Catches their eyes and memory

It’s all about how you create a solid first impression


User Experience (UX) is not just a buzzword


User experience or UX describes how your users interact with your online presence. Good design leads to great user experience and this is why professional web design servicesprovidersfocus on creating the best user experience for their audiences.

Simply saying, user experience is based on each aspect of your business website that includes design, CTAs, content and users’ journey from one point to another. A good user experience ultimately leads to more purchases, users coming back to your site, increased conversion rates,and high return on investments.

Good web design is your ticket to business expansion, use it wisely and you will reap huge rewards.


Importance of Web Design in Today’s World: 5 Big Reasons


Let’s now tell you why web design is an important aspect of modern online business and why you should not ignore it.


1.      It creates a lasting first impression


As soon as a person lands on yoursite, the first impression of your business is created in their mind in just a few seconds. Any custom web development services company would suggest you make it count.

No matter how amazing your products or servicesare, if your website is outdated and not up to the mark, you would have lost even before the race began. Your viewers will switch to another site and if your competitorsare smart, they might just win them over.

All you have to do is to create your design in such a way that grabs their attention and portrays them something pleasing. By creating a lasting first impression, you are also creating a lasting relationship.


2.      It is a clear hint on how you will treat them


Just by looking at your site, people get an indication of how you will treat them. It gives them an idea of whether you consider them seriously or not. If you haven’t done anything substantialregarding your web design, it is a clear giveaway that you won’t go the extra mile in helping your audience incase the need arises.

According to top WordPress development experts, your site acts as a customer service agent. If it is designed brilliantly by keeping all design elements in mind, your audiences will feel more at home. An inviting web design welcomes people to your site and turns visitors into buyers.

In contrast, a boring site, not designed by keeping the latest trends and target audiences in mind, will fail to impress. People won’t show any interest in it because it doesn’t value them.

If you want to succeed in this ever-competitive world, consider your site as the digital face of your business. You would want to greet someone entering your physical location with a warm gesture, welcoming behavior and a smile on your face. Then why not put the best virtual face infront of your audience approaching you online?

A modernistic and customer-friendly approach to webdesign will act as a courteous customer service agent whom the customers trust and feel comfortable with.


3.      It builds trust with your audience


No one likes a badly designed storefront, right? Then how could you afford to be lethargic with your web design? People are clever enough to switch sites that are based on good user experience and provide them with information, instead of wasting time on outdated ones.

For instance, a person plans to buy multiple products from a company, which means they are spending a hefty amount on it. If your web design fails to impress them and is unable to build trust, then why should they buy from you? They have numerous options at hand to but from, thanks to the continuously expanding online world.

This is where acustom web development servicescompany can help. They will design such a professional site for you that creates a bond with your audience. It will also compel them to stay on your site for more time resulting in more chancesfor them to convert into a buyer.


4.      Web design aids SEO


Your web design includes several elements and practices which influence the way you publish content. This directly affects the way search engines bots crawl and index your site. You cannot afford to put a foot wrong when it comes to on-page SEO basics. However, if you do, you will be chasing high visibility in SERPs.

Apart from how to publish content on your site, some web design elements are deemed to affect your site’s SEO. If you are not sure how design and other factors influence the SEO and visibility of your website, hire the best design agency in your area and you will surely reap huge rewards.


5.      Your competitors are focusing on web design, so should you


One big reason that should be enough for you to opt for modern web design is that your competitors are doing it. And if you don’t do it, you will be left behind.  Make sure you end up with astounding design so that customers rank you above others in the race.

As a result, you will end up with more leads, loyal customers and more ROI, which is the ultimate goal of any business.

Prominent WordPress development experts say that a well thought out design gives your online presence a boost and gives your business a head start over others. While competing with other businesses in your niche, you are likely to have the same prices and benefits.

Hence you need a competitive edge over the rest and a fantastically designed website can fulfill this purpose beautifully for you.

The importance of good web design cannot be emphasized more.


Final words


A well-designed website is your opportunity to make it large on the bigger stage. The competition is cutthroat, and not being equipped with the right set of tools can lead to massive slipups. Web design the easiest way to grasp the attention of your audience coming to your digital store. Need to assure that it’s as good as you want to be? Contact our live representatives, and we’ll guide you through the process.

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