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Warning – You Are Losing A Good Portion of Your Social Media Audience If You Are Engaging In These Activities

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Warning – You Are Losing A Good Portion of Your Social Media Audience If You Are Engaging In These Activities

Social media marketing services create and enhance the social media presence of a brand. Companies that provide such services manage brand reputation and offer complete marketing solutions for businesses, helping them increase their audience base by creatinga loyal community on industry-relevant social media platforms.

These services are generally customized to the client’s needs and requirements. Any expert will tell you that there is no cookies cutter social media strategies available that will work for every single business. Certified agencies offer custom social media marketing services that can take the brand to the next level.

Almost every business can benefit from social media marketing services as brands and companies understand the importance of using social media to market their business and products. However, there are certain activities that can create questions on the brand’s credibility and will make a brand lose it social media audience.

Many businesses experience a rise in their social followings at the beginning of the marketing services. However, as time passes, many fail to maintain that performance and see a drastic lowering of their social media fan following.

Let’s have a look at some activities that can make a brand lose a good piece of their social media audience.

1. No Marketing Strategy

Starting your social media marketing without a proper strategy can lead to some negative consequences. Without a proper strategy, social media marketing will be highly chaotic with no goals specified and without deciding the target audience.

Without strategies, brands cannot decide which social media platform is suitable for their business. Hence, the brand might end up marketing on the wrong platform leading to losing a good piece of social media audience. A proper strategy will help you determine the audience demographics, industry reach and goals of your marketing campaign. Running campaigns without a strategy will ensure failure.

2. Inappropriate Platforms

Social media platforms differ in many details regarding active users, demographics, suitable content, and communication options. Therefore, choosing a suitable platform for the brand’s solution and connecting with the target audience is essential to the success of your marketing campaigns.

Let’s take an example; if a B2C company sells clothes for youth, the brand will most likely find active potential customers and a good audience base on platforms like Facebook and Instagram but not on LinkedIn. Whereas if the company is B2B, they are most likely to find a better consumer base on LinkedIn. An expert team can help you determine the right platform according to your business niche and audience demographics. Using the wrong or inappropriate social media channels will be disastrous and offer less to no results, no matter how strong of a strategy you have.

3. Stealing Content

Every brand using social media platforms to promote their business must ensure the originality and authenticity of its content. Whatever you upload on your social media channels must be free of plagiarism. And if you really must share someone’s content, make sure you give credits to the rightful owner of the material and not share it as your own.

The unethical act of plagiarism can result in several consequences ranging from losing business to losing brand credibility with the audience. Understand that each platform of social media has a different vibe. The content on the platform reaches the core audience, which is why the content needs to be specially created to suit your platform and audience. Stealing and uploading content is unethical and downright wrong. Your audiences will be able to see through it and you will lose all brand credibility.

Hiring professional social media marketing services providers offers multiple benefits. They will not only post original content on your social media channels but their strategies will also help boost engagements, sales and reputation with new prospective customers and current audience.

4. Needless Arguing

As a brand, you need to understand that almost every business receives negative reviews. When a consumer is unsatisfied or disappointed in your services, they are most likely to add negative feedback regarding your services.

As a brand that cares about its reputation, the first thing you need to do is ensure that you provide excellent services and do not give your customers the chance to complain. In case they do end up complaining, the best way to handle negative feedback or plain customer complaint is by acknowledging the issue, admitting your mistake, apologizing politely and then trying to rectify it by a kind gesture.

There will be times your social media page will be showered with negative comments and reviews. It is almost inevitable that someone is going to post critic or negative comments on the page. However, the real challenge is to handle such reviews with professionalism. Avoiding lashing out at customers or engaging in an argument on social media pages as this creates negative publicity for your brand, and you are most likely to lose potential as well as current consumers. Action on emotion will not only make your company look bad, but it will further create a potential PR nightmare. Rude replies and lashing back can offend potential customers, which is why they are a huge no-no.

5. Ignoring Negative Feedback

In connection to the previous point, some brands end up doing the exact opposite of arguing. They just plain ignore any and all feedback given by customers. Negative feedbacks bring the experience of the customer to your attention. The problem with neglecting customer complaints (be it negative or positive) is that it can create a snowball effect on the audience. Even though the concern and complaint might have been raised by a single customer, it is, however, visible to a million others on social media page and the audience is bound to react.

When other prospects and customers come across the complaints and see that they are not well attended, that act will create a negative brand image in the minds of other prospects and customers. Bad reviews should be dealt with honesty, recompensating when necessary, and by empathizing as this will boost the brand’s credibility but will also show your customers that you care.

6. Providing Insufficient Information

Social media has become the directory of businesses. Many customers now use social media to find a business or brand that offers the solution to their problem. It is a must to ensure that the information added regarding your business on social media is accurate, complete and readily available. Leaving out crucial information can lead to misunderstanding and missing information will also frustrate your consumers, especially if they are looking for any specific information but are unable to find it.

If not provided correctly, insufficient information can make prospects and customers question your seriousness regarding your brand and you will lose a large piece of your social media audience.

7. Not Using Influencers

Influencer marketing is a powerful social media marketing strategy that promises a huge ROI. It is one of the fastest-growing social media marketing trends. The influencer community is growing and maturing rapidly. Influencers have a stronghold and impact on people on social media channels. Not using an influencer to brand the product could lead a business to miss out on a large community of people.

Social media marketing agencies hire influencers to advertise the brand and the product so that the reach and engagement of the brand increases.

Think for a minute – how do you know the Proactiv and Boxy charm brands? That’s because Kendal Jenner is the brand ambassador of the Proactiv brand, while Kylie Jenner represents the Boxy charm brand. The Jenner sisters a key example of how strong influencers can be, and not investing in them can make you lose out on potential social media audience.

8. Too Much Self-Promotion

Being self-centered on social media is a huge mistake that most of the brand commits. All brands strive to maintain an effective social media presence. However, spending way to much time being promotional can lead to losing your audience. People hate promotional content and they detest adverts.

Promotion needs to be done as subtly as possible. Your audience will appreciate fun and creative online presence but brands usually end up dealing with stuff in the most cooperative style. Promotions through social media trends can also result in negative consequences. There are other smart ways to promote your brand. For instance, a popular social media trend started by influences on Facebook and Instagram is that of tagging friends on images of various products to win a prize. This is a brilliant strategic move to promote your brand and to drive traffic to your page. But again, you need to be smart because not everyone likes being tagged in these competitions. It depends on the type of audience you have. This is where demographics will help you understand your audience better. Social media marketing agencies have changed the game of digital marketing dynamically. They have emerged with the commitment of doing the real work on behalf of the brand.They provide the brands assistance to manage their social media presence effectively and attract new customers. By avoiding the activities discussed above and with the help of professional social media marketing service providers, your brand will be on its way to the next level.

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