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Optimize Your Websites For Voice Search: The Ultimate Guide


Optimize Your Websites For Voice Search: The Ultimate Guide

When we talk about the latest technologies, voice search is one of them. Although it came on the scene almost 11 years ago, it took off in recent years. According to an estimate, the use of this friendly technology will reach 50% by the end of 2020 .

Optimizing your websites for voice search to get along the fast pace

It isn’t a hidden fact that smartphones have revolutionized the business world. They have brought about major changes in how we searched things a few years back. And with voice search growing exponentially, we have approached a voice-first world when it comes to search.

Apart from that, with more and more businesses entering the world of e-commerce , custom web design services providers are left with no choice other than to optimize the content, website and others to catch-up with the advanced functionalities.

The race to acquire as many customers you can is reality. And you don’t want to see a downwards trend in it.

So, what special have you got to match the unique website designs? How can your professional website design be optimized for voice search and wearables to give you an upper hand over your competitors and ease your customers?

Here are all the important things you should know as they are practised by all leading professional website design companies.

A good plan of action

With the increase in the use of voice searches, you should adjust your website to current as well as the future search needs. Simply saying, you need to develop a strategy that allows you to cope with both. You will have to evaluate your keywords, your current content and your future needs. Based on these, you need to build your content that will cater to your futuristic needs and of your users.

Get listed online

If you are running a local business, you need to consider this. However, if you are not, you can get away with it. Being a local business, getting your business ready for voice search is by making sure you get listed online.

Consider this, if you are dealing in wearables, you must know that their displays are limited. Apart from that, smartphones use voice assistants like Android’s Google Assistant and iPhone’s Siri.

As opposed to Google’s text search results, the voice assistants don’t show results for local businesses. In fact, you get to see business listings.

Keywords research

If you are smart, you will know that people while searching, using their voice, will not use keywords. Meaning, you will have to take care of increased keyword length based on human queries. So, to make the most of voice searches, you need to change from “quality bicycles” to “can you tell me any reliable bicycle shop selling quality two-wheelers”.

If you as a business owner are finding it hard to cope with it, you better contact a custom web design services provider. Apart from trendy and professional website design, they will also guide you regarding SEO related matters like the most useful voice search queries for your website.

Optimize for local search

Once you have completed your local listings and content based on it, you are required to optimize your listings and content for local search. Voice searches mainly target information related to the places the user has visited or can visit. For instance, “best place to buy a bicycle in New York” or “where to find a quality bicycle in Amsterdam” or “best bicycle shops in downtime Arizona”.

Now comes the business end of this article where we will guide you on how to optimize your website for voice search.

Reduce page loading time

Even the novice SEOs are aware that page loading time an important factor, nowadays. With heaps of digital content online, if your site loads faster, you are one step ahead of your competitors. Moreover, considering your ranking factors, you are on the right track going into the future.

A study conducted by Backlinko suggests that websites containing easy and digestible content have more chances of ranking on the first page of SERPs. In the same study, you can read that Google prioritizes those web pages that load faster.

Use long-tail SEO

An important thing to know is that long-tail keywords are not as common as they used to be a few years back. However, with the voice searches surfacing, the long-tail keywords are making a comeback and known to be a great way for optimizing your websites for voice searches.

There are two main reasons that connect voice searches and long-tail keywords. Firstly, they are based on a long string of text. Secondly, smart assistants are programmed to respond to all queries users have. This means that long-tail SEO allows for the optimization of featured snippets resulting in showing you the top results in search engines.

Target your audience’s questions.

We know when we make voice searches, they are mostly questions. Bring to your mind some of the latest queries you made to Alexa, Siri or by saying “OK Google”. For instance, “what is the capital city of Malaysia”, how can I care for my kitten” etc. Having such content that provides answers to people queries and fits according to their needs is going to take up higher and higher.

Produce voice-search friendly content

People these days don’t like to go through your philosophical thoughts. They are more into a form of content that gives them information right from the word go. They like to read easy and more conversational tone. Professional website design experts recommend your content must be something that is easily understood by 8th of 9th graders. It allows the voice assistants the ease of reading and providing the right information to your customers’ queries.

Produce more local content

Research tells us that a large majority of voice searches are done to find local content. This is why, if you as a business need to produce content that is relevant for local customers. The aim of the content must be to cater to the local needs of the people. This will help you a lot to boost your SEO for voice search.

One thing important, local content can be produced even if you are not a local business. You can leverage local content to make sure you gain on the SEO frontier, irrespective of your location.

Pay attention to User experience

Voice search, unlike SERPs, is more reliant on one website. You as a business should be able to assess all the useful and most sought after work information that the users are looking for. The point that many custom website design services providers emphasize is that your website must be user-friendly, mobile-friendly, HTTPS secured and fast.

Schema and structured formatting

A study from Backlinko found out that more than 40% of Google voice answers come from one Google Featured Snippet. Also known as quick answers, this required information is gathered from the best websites. Moreover, they may also feature a link that guides the users towards the information source.

If you want your website link to be included, you must ensure that your answers are concise and elaborate whatever the information seekers are after.

Don’t give up on regular SEO

If you want to succeed in the long-term, you need to be equipped with the basics; producing good quality, informative content and practising conventional but power SEO techniques. If you manage to do this, chances are you will excel in the voice search too. This is the exact reason that those websites that enjoy high rankings have high domain authorities, better social engagement and always do best when it comes to voice search.

All leading professional website design companies are aware of the fact that voice has become a go-to feature for the future. For some, who understand the value of voice search, it has already become a mandatory thing. They are either optimizing websites for voice search or thinking of doing it in near future.

Voice search is your ticket to becoming a great hit in the search industry, only if you are smart enough to do it as soon as possible. For all those businesses who want to gain momentum in 2021 and the years to come, they should perform better with voice search SEO in combination with the old-school SEO techniques.

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