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Micro-Influencers and Influencers Are the Future of BRANDING FOR SMEs: Here`s How


Micro-Influencers and Influencers Are the Future of BRANDING FOR SMEs: Here`s How

Influencer Branding has been stamped as the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Influencers share a deep connection with their fans. The fans relate more to their mentors than a  cold-branded post.

Influencer branding is a popular content branding and marketing strategy that consists of promoting a specific brand’s products, services, or brands by collaborating or partnering with an influencer.

“An influencer oftentimes referred to as a blogger or content creator, is a trusted resource with a massive following on social media, who shares genuine opinions and information on various topics, products, and services that interest them.”

Reports have claimed that Influencer Branding and Marketing generates 11 times more ROI as compared to other types of digital strategies.

As businesses continue to shift their money from traditional to digital media, Influencer Marketing budgets are expected to inevitably arise in the upcoming years. More businesses are partnering with  social media influencers. Brands aim at swaying consumer behavior, by asking influencers to share their opinions about the brand which increases brand’s credibility and sets a positive brand identity. Influencer marketing and branding platform market size is predicted to grow to 30.6% from 2019 to 2025 and will reach $26.4 billion by 2025.

Social media marketing services have changed the branding game dynamically. By creating, organizing , planning, and publishing content across various channels.

One of the biggest pressures on every business currently is to maintain a proper social media presence. Social media marketing services offer the most versatile and cost-effective strategies that brands can use to communicate with their target audience and boost their sales over time. Social media marketing services further find influencers for the brands to improve their visibility and, thus. increase their  brand recognition.

Social media marketing services ensure that influencers do the following to promote the brand:

Sponsored Instagram posts or stories.

Sponsored blog posts.

Sponsored offline events with an influencer appearance.

Other sponsored social media marketing posts.

The value of influencer branding


Influencer branding is a well-known strategy and currently used by all digital marketing agencies in the USA. According to reports, the industry’s revenue is set to reach $10 billion in 2020. Networks like Snapchat, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok have their own set of influencers with different demographics.

According to a survey, 89%ROI was generated from influencer marketing as compared to other networks. The same survey noted that 65% of marketers increased their budgets for 2021. Influencer branding is a great way to help the brand to reach new audiences, increase brand awareness, and boost your marketing ROI.

Influencers have started to realize the power they have at their fingertips. Despite the high prices they charge to promote a brand, they are expected to rise immensely. As more marketers are looking for partnerships, we will see a rise in competition amongst brands to get as many influencers to promote their brand. However, there is a possible chance people may start questioning the opinions made by the influencers when they are promoting a brand. Influencers may be doing it for the sake of making money which will make their opinions less credible.

This is when a micro-influencer comes in. Micro-influencers are under the spotlight lately. Many brands consider to collaborate with two or three micro-influencers instead of a top influencer.

“Micro-influencers are not traditional celebrities, but rather individuals who work in their category and  are truly knowledgeable, passionate and authentic. They are seen as a trusted source when it comes to recommendations about  what to buy.”



Many social media marketing agencies recommend brands to pursue micro-influencers with the Instagram followers ranging between  1,000 to 10,000.

According to a statistic,  around 40% of people reported that they purchased a product online after seeing it used by an influencer on YouTube, Instagram, or Twitter. There are two major reasons why social media marketing services connect brands with micro-influencers. One, they are highly cost-effective, and two, they have a meaningful relationship with their followers and therefore, achieve higher engagement rates.

When consumers follow industry experts, even with a limited audience, the message appears to be more relatable and authentic. On average, micro-influencers with less than 1,000 followers generate an 8% engagement rate, compared to influencers with over 100,000 followers who generate 1.7% engagement. To sum up micro influencing’s impact, we can say, the smaller the following, the bigger the influence.

Influencer branding is the future of branding for small-medium enterprises. It is a growing trend that will continue to flourish in the upcoming years. Brands must wisely use this powerful marketing tool in their favor.

The increasing usag of influencer branding can be determined by Googling the words “influencer marketing” and you will see just how quickly this trend is growing.

Influencer Marketing Hub cites that there is a 325% increase in Google searches for the term over the past 12 months.

Influencers have revolutionized the branding game of small to medium businesses. From opening gateways to wider customer base to maximizing customer engagement, influential marketing has taken branding to a whole new level.

Its almost as if SMEs were handicapped before the advent of influencer marketing. Many believed that it has entered the businesses’ marketing dynamics like a knight in shining armor or savior out to rescue them. Many businesses failed due to lack of proper resources, and poor strategies. But with influencer marketing, that isn’t the case anymore.

It has enabled a myriad of SMEs to achieve what otherwise seemed like a mirage beyond reach.

Influencer marketing helps to engage, promote, and to build awareness of the brands.

  • Gifting: the giveaways of free products in exchange for a review or mention.
  • Guest Posting: Creating and contributing content for an influencer’s blog.
  • Co-Creating Content: influencer partners with brands to create content that is featured on the brand’s websites, influencer’s blogs, or on a third-party website.
  • Social Media Mentions: they mention the brand, share content, and post about the product by telling followers how these products have bought a change in their own life.
  • Contests and Giveaways: influencer share giveaway event with their followers or readers.
  • Influencer Takeover: Allowing an influencer to take control of your social media accounts for a set amount of time.
  • Discount Codes: influencer gives a unique discount code for the product or service that t promotes the brand and engages the audience.

Increases Brand Awareness

According to Launch Metrics’ 2019 – the Influencer Marketing and branding report, 90% of marketers said that influencers played a significant role in increasing brand awareness.

Hiring an influencer expand customer reach because influencers share the product or service with their audience, granting them immediate exposure of the brand and its offerings.

Therefore, it is important to select influencers whose followers’ characteristics are similar to the target audience of the brand.

Builds Trust With Customers



These influencers build their audience from scratch. They understand that their audience will keep coming back for more, as long as they remain authentic and true to their content. Influencers have discretion over the brands they choose to partner with, an expression of trust in your company that can influence how people perceive your brand. The trust influencers build with their followers can translate to consumer action when they support your company.

Further, Influencer marketing also creates an organic ad experience for users: Sponsored posts are integrated into users’ Instagram feeds and are therefore less disruptive and irritating than a pop-up or banner ad.

Micro-Influencers Are Flexible and Affordable



Influencer marketing doesn’t have to be expensive unless the brand is collaborating with celebrities or mega influencers like Kardashians. US Weekly stated that some companies have been known to pay up Kim Kardashian up to $500,000 to share branded posts with her 95.1 million followers. Kim’s sisters Khloe (64.3 million followers) and Kourtney (54.5 million followers) earn up to $250,000 per ad on Instagram.

Having said that, we can deduce how tough and burdensome it could be for small-medium enterprises to spent huge amounts on influencer branding. This is why many social media marketing agencies search for micro-influencers. They are not only affordable but can give the brand a better bang for their buck. Despite their less followers, they are more engaged with their audience. Therefore, the message is well communicated.

The average micro-influencer charges are less than $100, with many others as low as $20 – $40. Micro-influencers, therefore, align more with the small and medium business model and their marketing budget.


Building credibility can be a daunting task, especially for many small brands. In this scenario, being backed up by the right influencer, who exemplifies the brand, can give the business a much-needed push to thrive in the industry. Having the right voice to review your brand can increase your brand’s integrity.

Higher Engagement Rates



As mentioned above, engagement with users from micro-influencers is a huge benefit to working with them. As compared to celebrities, micro-influencers frequently interact with their followers through likes, follows, and live sessions.

The interaction between these micro influencers and audience establish a meaningful connection that enables them to effectively market the brand. Micro-influencer is more likely to talk through common pains their audience feels in relation to your product and “get real” with them, which stimulates a sense of trust and belonging in customers. On the contrary, a celebrity influencer is likely to be paid huge sums of dollars to do the same task.

People are tired to see forced branding of products and branding content popping up on their feeds. Through influencing branding and advocating for the brand, the company will achieve a higher engagement rate. Users will be exposed to more relatable content. Thus, drawing the attention of more prospective customers.  Also, influencer branding is way more effective in getting a message across audiences than ads. 

Two-thirds of consumers use ad blockers on their computers and smartphones.

Authentic and valuable content, that include influencers’ own opinions, are much more reliable and less irritating way of reaching them.

Social Influencer Marketing and branding Provides Value

Followers want useful insights from these influencers. If they’re considering purchasing a product, they’d like an influencer’s review on it. A study conducted by Influencer Central shows that 81 percent of consumers go through product reviews before making a purchase.

An influencer reviews the products and shares his/her recommendation. This help audience in making the right purchase. Example of how social influencer marketing can help you create valuable content: Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee is one of the most famous tech geeks and influencers on YouTube. He posts videos about new gadgets, such as unboxing videos of the latest phones.

Enriches Content Strategy of the brand

Sharing influencer content can help to fill the gaps in the brand’s own content schedule. This helps the brand in situations where the it run out of ideas and give it quality content to publish on their social media pages.

Social influencer branding and marketing also plays a vital role in improving DA (Domain Authority). Influencer branding can be a great source for creating quality backlinks to the brand’s website. Not only will this help in increasing more traffic to the website but also boost the SEO. Every website in the world would like to gain a great ranking on search engines. The more they promote the more links will be created hence resulting in a good rank on the search engines. Need help with reaching out micro influencers for your brand? Leave us a message. We`ve got tons of influencers ready to help you out with all your branding needs!

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