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How to Advertise Online? The Ultimate Guide to Digital Advertising


How to Advertise Online? The Ultimate Guide to Digital Advertising

We have come a long way from the times when advertising your products or services on TV or radio was sufficient to boost sales significantly.

Having an online presence in today’s contemporary world has become more of a necessity than a choice.

Businesses have been blessed with a fantastic opportunity to fetch customers online and turn them into loyal prospects. Thanks to the growing number of users online.

Despite its powerful impact and uncountable benefits, many businesses are still not doing digital marketing. The two most plausible explanations for this can either be the business’s lack of knowledge and understanding of digital marketing or their intimidation towards immense competition from similar companies online.

Pick out any established company, and you will find them rigorously using digital tools to communicate and deliver their offerings to potential customers. If all the established companies are doing it, so should you.

In this comprehensive blog, we will enlighten you about all the ins and outs of digital advertising and help your devise an effective digital marketing strategy of your own.




Probably the first word that instantly comes into your mind when someone mentions digital marketing is Facebook. Right?

Even though Facebook plays a significant role in it, that’s not the only thing in there.

As the word defines itself, digital marketing is when businesses use online tools for marketing their products and services to potential customers. The term itself is quite broad and is divided into several sub-topics.

Let’s delve into each one of them and learn about what it has to offer.


Digital marketing is often used as a catch-all term to cover several different types of online marketing strategies. The most commonly used are as follows.


One of the most commonly used marketing approaches out there that generates relatively higher ROI is Pay Per Click Marketing. With PPC, businesses are 50% to get more visitors and persuade them to make a purchase.

A statistic reveals that google generated a revenue of $116 billion, alone in their advertisement department in the year 2018.

The process of PPC involves businesses placing their advertisements on various platforms online and getting paid for every click it receives. Unlike other marketing strategies where companies must pay a fixed amount for their ads, PPC ads and their pricing are quite volatile.

This is because the number of opponents for a specific keyword keeps on changing. In the case of very few placements, the business with the highest bid amount wins the bid.

Now that may upset some businesses – particularly the new startups with a low budget, but if you wish to boost your traffic and get a high return on investment, this is the most effective way to do it.

Many businesses are increasingly incorporating PPC into their marketing strategies to reach the maximum number of potential customers. Daily, google gets over 3.5 billion searches, while Facebook users have increased by 2.23 billion.


Users heavily rely on search engines like Google to get the answers to their questions. Since we all have a busy life, and we need answers quickly, we only pay attention to the search results on the first page. Appearing on the first page of Google gives your website more visibility and allows potential prospects to visit more often. SEO helps you in achieving just that.

Proper implementation of SEO not only boosts your website traffic but also provides you an opportunity to convert potential customers into successful leads.  

SEO first came into existence in the late 1990s. However, its usage significantly increased in the 2000s when more and more people realized what it’s worth.

Your website is said to be called correctly search engine optimized if it consists of the highly targeted and relevant keywords of your niche, and backlinks of all sorts.



Words can evoke desired actions from people.

Sometimes businesses constructively use the power of words to persuade their potential prospects to make a purchase. Content marketing is writing captivating articles and blog posts.

Businesses often hire professional writers and ask them to create compelling website content regarding the products and services offered. With their expertise and experience, writers do custom CMS website development to better cater to their client’s customers’ needs. The writers smartly use the art of storytelling to uniquely communicate the benefits offered by your business, and help you stand apart.

Moreover, the facts and research-backed pieces of evidence make the content authentic and reliable in the eyes of the visitors. Furthermore, blog posts and articles usually rank incredibly well on Google. So, if you are planning to do content marketing, you are technically using two marketing strategies at the same time.

Even if you can’t afford to hire professional writers, you can try writing yourself. You would be amazed to discover how a small blog post of 1000 words can help you generate website traffic and successful lead conversions.


Influencer marketing derived from social media marketing. Influencers use various social media platforms to connect with people. Once people started following them and getting influenced by their choices, that’s when they become influencers.

An influencer is an individual with a huge fan following. They are usually famous for something they are great at, and that’s how they attract followers in the first place.

Marketing through influencers allows businesses to advertise their products or services and reach a broader audience. When an influencer suggests a product or shares his/her reviews about it, the followers are most likely encouraged to avail it. The reason being, they trust the influencer and believe that if their influencer loves the product, they will too.

If you have millions of followers, you are most likely to be approached by various sponsors and advertisers. Having an influencer to explain to their followers why they love a particular product or service is a great idea to market your business digitally.


A statistic reveals that 88% of advertisers said that video marketing helps them get a positive Return on Investment. Only 33% said the same in 2015. This shows how video marketing has successfully improved and evolved over the last five years and proved itself as one of the most powerful marketing tools.

People have become bored watching static advertisements consisting of banners, and plain text. They always crave for something innovative.

Marketing through videos has always been around since the beginning. However, it decided to make a move to the digital space lately. Thanks to the fantastic video platforms like Youtube, Vimeo, and Twitch.

Unlike other forms of marketing, video marketing is the most effective. It communicates the message engagingly and makes the message relatively more memorable. A recent survey showed that 96% of shoppers said that videos greatly influence their buying decisions online.

Affordable video production services nowadays have made it easier for businesses to create their own customized and short videos that directly communicates the message, without going into the hassle of creating a long, in-depth content. These videos are visually appealing and therefore allow businesses to attract more customers than ever.


This is when businesses market their products or services through emails. To get the most out of this marketing tool, you must first attract the maximum number of subscribers. How can you do that?

Having a custom website design is a guaranteed way to attract visitors and turn them into subscribers. A well-developed website not only promotes professionalism but also sets a positive perception in the minds of customers – encouraging them to rely on your business more than your competitors.

Now that you have understood the significance of a great website, you must be wondering about how you can create one yourself. Well, the internet is full of helpful resources. All you have got to do is research and find the best web designing tools to create a stylish website of your own. If you have a reasonable budget, you can even consider contacting web design services and let the professionals deal with it. However, you still do play an important role.

The better you can explain your offerings, and unique selling points, the better your website will be. To communicate your business to the target audience, you first need to be clear yourself.


Now that you have a virtuous understanding of the most popular digital marketing strategies, you must wonder which approach will best suit your business.

You may already be using one of the above strategies, but how can you tell if it is generating the best outcomes? To help you find out, we bring you top factors that will help assess whether your digital marketing strategy is working fine for you.

The most crucial step is to identify your ideal target prospects. If you are unable to identify your relevant audience or communicate your message to the wrong audience, you may not get your desired results. Therefore, you must ensure to target your potential customers in the right way and prevent your marketing efforts going in vain.

Now that you have identified your ideal target market, you must come up with the most appropriate and relevant channel to reach them. In what age bracket does your target audience lie? Do they like watching TV or using their phones? What social media platforms are they most likely to use? These Questions will help you decide the most suitable channel for your business.

You are done with identifying your target audience and the best way to reach them. Now comes the essential part. The advertisements themselves!

How will they be like? Should your ad have humorous content or emotional? The more you brainstorm and research, the greater ideas you will have. This is the part where creativity and design skills play a significant role. Don’t worry if you haven’t got either of them. You can always contact the professionals, or can simply come up with a basic idea and use it in the best way possible.

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