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Eco-Brand Image 101: How to Create a Sustainable Eco-Friendly Brand Persona in 2020


Eco-Brand Image 101: How to Create a Sustainable Eco-Friendly Brand Persona in 2020

It’s pretty clear that in order to build a relationship with potential customers successfully,eve prior to launching your brand into the global market, you need first to establish its personality.

Most people believe that a brand’s personality is associated with its slogan and logo. But that’s not true. To create a brand that’s successful, you need to do more than design an attractive logo and create a catchy slogan.

Plenty of brands are jumping on the “eco-friendly” bandwagon and redesigning their products and image to cater to a diverse range of customers.If you’re one of them but aren’t sure how to create a sustainable brand, we’ve got tips from experts to help you.

Here are a couple of things you should try and keep in mind:

Go Green (Literally)

Going green doesn’t always mean just campaigning for the environment. It also means taking action. You need to get creative with your campaigns and adding a touch of green (color) isn’t a bad idea.

Use different shades of green for your products’ packaging and campaigns. In addition, make sure to use recycled goods. Remember that actions speak louder than words and if you’re campaigning for a clean, green environment, that also means practicing what you preach.

This will inspire your existing customers and attract new ones. It’ll attract customers who are already passionate about sustaining the environment and using eco-friendly products.

One of the reasons we also recommend green packaging is because the color symbolizes growth, harmony, and safety in advertising.

It evokes strong emotions and attracts the eyes.

Plan Everything and Follow the Latest Trends

It goes without saying that in order to win the game, you need to be good at the game. This means that if you want to stay ahead of your competition, you need to think ahead. Start planning your campaigns. Stay organized and keep yourself updated on the latest trends.

What type of strategies are your competitors using to attract customers? Is there something you can do that’s equally good or even better?

Ask yourself this question and jot down a number of ideas that you could try. Then conduct market research on which idea would work best. Ask your existing customers and followers what they’d like to see.

Taking ideas from customers is one way to create successful campaigns because these are the people you’re selling your products to. They’re the ones who invest in your brand.

What types of trends can you use to capture your target audience’s attention? Are you using bioplastic-based packaging, hybrid paper, or innovative paper packaging?What type of packaging is popular nowadays? Which one will cost you less but will give you better results?

Find the answer to these questions so that you can revamp your packaging and brand completely.

If you’re a fashion designer, see how you can resample your previous collection. Every year, we produce more than 32.4 billion clothes . Textile waste is a major concern around the world and fashion brands are now doing their best to reduce the waste.

Partner Up With Eco-Friendly Vendors

Customers don’t just want to consume products that are eco-friendly; they also want to invest in brands that care about the environment. If you’re taking the initiative, make sure to partner with vendors who also provide eco-friendly stock and products.

The types of vendors and clients you associate your business with will make all the difference. Remember that before deciding to invest in a brand, customers make sure to look it up online and research the history of the brand.

What type of products and stock do your vendors sell? Are they environment-friendly? Do they contain chemicals and toxins? How will the stock they sell impact your brand’s image and the quality of your products?

Make a list of vendors in your industry that are going green and see if they would be interested in partnering with your business.

Go Digital

With most brands going digital, it’s a good idea to jump onto the bandwagon too. While conventional forms of marketing are still used today, most brands are opting to create digital campaigns instead.

Not will this help your brand become more visible, it’ll also reduce costs, and reduce waste. You won’t need paper packaging or the need to use chemical products during your campaigns. Billboard ads, posters, and flyers use paper and paint to attract attention. But these advertisementsare temporary and produce a lot of waste.

Going digital also helps you reach out to a wider audience. If you’re a small venture that plans to expand, using digital platforms is the best way to connect with customers around the country or the world.

In addition, using digital platforms will also help you conduct the research you need and find out what your customers expect from your brand. Polls and surveys are a great way to connect with your audience and find out what your target audience’s preferences are.

It will also help establish a relationship with your customers. This will, in turn, help your brand become more credible. Since word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most effective marketing tools , the more credible your brand, the more customers you will attract.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the most effective when marketing your brand online. These three platforms have users ranging from ages 16–40 and depending on the type of audience you’re catering to,it can help you connect with potential customers.

Go with a Brand Ambassador

Now, we’re not saying that you should hire a celebrity to pitch for your brand. But hiring an influencer to be your brand ambassador not only helps garner attention, it’ll also help humanize your brand.

Humanizing your brand will show your customers that you care about what they think. It shows that you’re not just trying to sell them a product, you’re also trying to connect with them.

A brand ambassador will help create your brand’s personality and will also educate customers on sustainability. Hire someone who knows how about the importance of consuming eco-friendly products and also guide your customers when it comes to recycling products.

You can also create a mascot for your brand, just like the Nesquik Bunnyand Pillsbury Doughboy.

Creating a digital mascot will also help make your brand relatable and will guarantee improved conversion rates.

Why is Creating a Sustainable Brand so Important?

With depleting resources and pollution taking over the world, global warming has become a “Global Warning.”

Businesses are now looking for ways to cater toconsumers who are shifting towards sustainability. As times change, we need to keep up with the latest trends. This also means becoming more responsible and finding solutions and alternatives for scarce resources. If you’re looking for ways to implement eco-friendly strategies, as well as branding trends for 2020 in your campaigns, you’ve come to the right place. We can create lucrative campaigns for your brand’s image. Brandezk is an affordable digital marketing agency in the USA that offers exceptional digital marketing services, as well as video production solutions. Feel free to check out our eco-friendly work in our portfolio.

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