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Best Web Design and Web Development Practices For 2020

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Running a website is a piece of cake these days. Website design and development have become highly advanced with tools and software that not only make the development process easier, but also make managing a website a breeze.

Having a website, however, is in no way an effective measure of a successful business. It takes more than a few webpages and copywriting skills to create and manage a successful website. From insight to audience`s demand and from market behaviors to the ever-changing trends, website design and development is more than the façade that appears at the first glance.

For many online businesses and e-commerce stores, websitesact as a storefront and it only makes sense that you put as much effort behind the scenesthat you would when opening a physical store for your business.

This is why, to maximize the impact and first impression on your customers,it’sessential to be in the know about the latest practices of website design and development.

Here are the top sevenpractices that developers are relying on in 2020 to create intuitive, appealing and responsive web designs.

Intuitive Navigation


Websites need to becatering to the audience’s demands and should be able to provide the users access to all the important content. The navigation should be straightforward and clear instead of a treasure hunt, so the visitors spend the most time on your site learning information about your business instead of getting frustrated. Here’s how you can accomplish this:

Concise Language: Language is a critical part of web design, which is why the focus should be on keeping it simple rather than unique.Unless your site targets a niche audience, use language as simple as possible to guide the visitors throughout the website.

Navigation Links:Make multiple navigation links if you have a lot of content on the website, such as multiple products or extensive services to offer.This lays out a clear path for the users and helps them get to theirdesired pagewithout getting lost or frustrated.

In heavy-content websites, it’s also important to create a breadcrumbs track so they can easily go back to previous pages or retrace their steps.A clean and navigation-friendly website makes for a meaningful and engagingexperience for the visitors, connecting them to your brand even better.

Minimalistic Design




While there are tons of options to explore in terms of themes, colors and design, the best website practice till-date remains to be the minimalist design. Take any site of high-end brands and you’ll find that they all share one thing: a clean layout.

Overdoing the colors, animations or themes can distract theaudience from the real purpose of the site and they may not be able to access any valuable content.

If being over-the-top is a part of your branding, then there are two things you need to do:

  • Create a visual hierarchy in order to keep the important design elements accessible and clear of any distractions.Create headlines in contrasting colors or important navigation links visible on every page.
  • Create specific landing pages that are coherent with your overall branding, while making sure that they’re digestible and easy on the eyes.

Mobile-Friendly Websites



Mobile devices are everywhere in the world. A majority of the world population owns them and uses them for accomplishing day-to-day tasks. Data shows that over half the internet traffic comes from mobile phones, which is why designing a mobile-friendly website should be every brand’s priority.

Understanding what your audience wants is half the battle and once you learn how your target market interacts with websites, you can focus on creating a responsive design that not only optimizes your presence online, but also makes the website experience enjoyable.

While many companies, particularly those with heavy content,have to deal with the limitation of a mobile screen being smaller than the ones on laptops and tablets, it can also be a motivatingchallenge for the designers and content creators. It gives your content team and opportunity to create refined copy while pushing designers to break boundaries and create leaner and more digestible platforms.

Consistent Branding



As we mentioned in the above points, branding is just as important on websites as on any other advertising platform. Keeping the branding consistent on the website can be a challenge,especially in terms of color schemes and fonts. The aim should be to reinforce your branding through the website rather than using it as the preliminary point.

Use the techniques you used in brand strategy and build off the momentum to capitalize on your overall marketing efforts.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)


The evolution of the online world has been thanks in part to the increasing internet speed, infrastructure and technologies that ensure that we’re able to consume as much content as possible, in the minimum amount of time.We’ve come a long way from waiting for several minutes before the internet-connected, considering how people are able to listen to songs, play games, read, watch and listen to podcasts all at the same time with several tabs open.

These are some technologies that laid down the groundwork for animation, virtual reality videos, augmented reality, interactive content and 360-degree graphics and multimedia. Virtual reality games are becomingmassively popular, whereas virtual reality is also being used in professional fields such as medical and healthcare for therapy and other same functions.

As AR and VR’s popularitygrows, it will become imperative for the websites to be able to incorporate these changes and make their websites compatible in order to implement VR and AR into their platforms.

If your business and target audience is located in parts of world where fast internet is available, make sure to capitalize on this trend and start using videos as your key communication.

Responsive Web Design



Responsive web design is an approach that suggests that websites should be designed to cater to user`demands and their usage behaviors. When you open a website and it’s able to adjust its design and layoutbased on your browser, size of the device and it’s orientation, it suggests that the website has a responsive design.

Responsive design has been in trend for a while and is still going strong, with many believing it to be one the strongest website design and development trends ever.This also clears any discrepancies in the website designoutlook between Android and iOS. As long as a website is responsive, it will serve the users in the best way possible,irrespective of the device they open it on. Responsive website designs also make life easier for developers. Ever since Google’s announcement of mobile-first designs, responsive websites have become even more essential, since they help you rank higher on search engines and are more accessible to the users on-the-go.


Chatbots and Customer Support


Your website and company can better connect with the audience and customers through and an effective customer service. Customer support is essential to a growing business but there are limitations for companies who can’t afford a 24/7 customer service personnel.

In this scenario, website chatbots act as the perfect alternative for answering customers` questions without making them feel like you’ve abandoned them or don’t care about their inquiries.

Market research suggests that nearly 70 percent of customers prefer to interact with chatbots for questions since they offer instant answers. A study by Garner indicated that 2020 would see 85 percent of customer service interactions without a human involved.Market predictions suggest that as chatbots become technologically advanced, they will completely remove the need for human interactions and will be able to answer all questions innately. While the arcana of websites is intricate and byzantine, this covers the very basics of web design and development. Need such an implementation of solid foundations for your website? Leave our customer support a message, or fill in the form right now!

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