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Best B2B Portal Practices To Employ In 2021 (That Actually Give Good Results)

B2B Portal Development

Best B2B Portal Practices To Employ In 2021 (That Actually Give Good Results)

You know what; the whole world is fascinated by the world of e-commerce. Be it the buyers, sellers, B2B portal development services providers and all the stakeholders involved. It has made our shopping experience out of this world.

According to eMarketer , the number of e-commerce sales in the US will be $404.78 billion in 2020 which is expected to reach $468.78 billion by the end of 2021. So, what’s the catch? Having your own B2B website design means you have opened the doors of endless opportunities.

With an increasing number of brick and mortar stores becoming digital, we suggest you also tap the option of an online store. And if you already have an e-commerce store, you have done yourself a great favor. However, what special are you doing to keep your online business ahead of others?

Are you following the B2B website best practices? If not, you are letting your competitors have their noses in front. Either start employing the best B2B portal development practices for 2021 or hire a B2B website development company which is capable of doing it for you.

B2B portal development practices for 2021

Whatever method you choose (A or B), we are sure you will be interested in knowing the best practices that will take your online store to newer heights. Read on to know what leading B2B websites design agencies are doing for their clients.

1.      Highlight premium content to generate leads

Focus on the gating strategy. Want to know what exactly it is? Here we go!

Your informative eBook is more informative, contains in-depth and exceptional content when compared to a blog post. Now, every website’s blog is a free commodity and helps you to attract visitors. However, when the readers show interest in your eBook and want to go through the knowledge, ask them about the useful information including their email address etc. before they can download it.

This is a gating strategy and getting access to gated content means that readers will have to fill out a small submission form. Remember, don’t ask for too many details and make sure the filling of form doesn’t take too long. And that they are willing to provide details like region, name and email address. This is the valuable stuff for you.

Using this helpful information, you can engage your audiences with such content that aligns with their needs and has the ability to convert. If you do it sensibly, you will be able to win leads and expand your operations based on gating.

Make sure your gated content is easily accessible to them. Make eye-catching posts/sections for your eBooks in your blog page, blog posts (at the start, middle or end). Include it at a place where it is noticeable. Don’t push your visitors to fill your online form. They will be disturbed and may never return due to your intrusive strategies.

2.      Make your site mobile-friendly

In the year 2020, almost all buyers are accessing e-commerce using their smartphones. Be mindful of the different screen sizes and come up with a B2B website design that is responsive and works well on smaller screens, the same as laptops and desktops. Any web design agency will make sure that the mobile display is perfectly aligned, intuitive and not jumbled.

Mobile-friendliness should be your first priority. It gives users the best design experience. And they will be more likely to buy from you. Simply saying, if a mobile visitor visits your site for the first time or any number of times and they don’t get the best buying experience, chances are that they may not return.

They will head towards some other B2B website which takes care of their interests and provides the best user experience. Also, the largest search engine, Google, prioritizes those e-commerce sites which have wonderful and responsive websites that work equally well on mobiles. B2B Portal development experts are fully aware of this requirement that having a mobile-friendly website enhances your overall search rankings.

3.      Optimizing for search engine indexing

Another significant mobile ranking signal that you cannot afford to neglect is optimizing your site for search engine indexing. Leveraging this vital B2B Portal development practice helps you build online visibility and allows for max search engine indexing. It is a set of best practices that combine to provide you with great results.

Some of the most required SEO best practices that you need to employ are:

Unique page titles and Meta descriptions. This lets Google and other search engines know what the page is all about.

Remember to use image alt and HTML tags to all your images on the website. This works dually; firstly improves the accessibility for users, secondly, the search engine will also understand the purpose of images and whether they’ve used in the manner or not.

Use the most relevant keywords. Know what phrases people are entering in the search engines to reach service providers like you. Find out these phrases and incorporate them into your content as well as metadata. B2B Website Development experts suggest not to overuse or stuff these keywords and rely on the most natural usage.

Beware of the loading time. This falls in the umbrella of user experience. Make sure your web pages load fast so that the user doesn’t have to wait for a long time. Your B2B web design and plug-ins are set up in a way that allows users to take advantage of the download speeds provided by the hosting provider.

Google Search Console. It lets you monitor your web design’s performance, take advantage of the data to generate more traffic and come up with content that fulfils the users’ needs. If the readers seem more interested in a specific blog post, you can put more emphasis on it.

Consider SEO best practices according to the trends. SEO practices that were considered viable and excellent a couple of years ago are a waste of time today. So, make sure you are proactive and aware of the ever-evolving SEO practices for the B2B world. Your SEO team should be such that it can maintain pace with the latest SEO techniques going around. Only this way you can lead a result-oriented strategy that fulfils your goals including traffic, conversions, leads and ROI.

4.      Create clear calls-to-action

There are times when visitors on an e-commerce site feel lost. While on a site with a purpose to gain information or explore products/services, they are sometimes not guided towards the right action. They want to proceed but the site is all over the place. If the B2B Website Development specialists are unable to tell the visitor what to do, how to achieve an action or whatever they want, your B2B is nothing but a flop.

This is where you need to be smart and include clear, concise and easily visible call-to-actions that evoke action and promise to take the visitor in the right direction; best for both of you. Your call-to-actions are always attractive, visible, and readable/understood. They are in the form of bright, distinctive and descriptive buttons placed strategically.

Remember, creation and placing of right CTAs is an art. Best B2B web design agencies master this art. Whichever part of the page they are, CTAs should stand apart and must compel the visitor into clicking or tapping on it. They must be easy to understand and straight to the point like, “Download free eBook now”, or “Get 50% off”. Your CTAs are your gateways that get the buyer to buy or do something that favours you.

Be sensible while creating CTAs. Only they stand between your buyers buying something from you or not.

5.      Show your (business’s) expertise

Your specialization or expertise is what sets you apart from others in the niche. If you are not different you are nowhere. Without specialization or not being able to demonstrate your expertise in the right way, even the most robust and well-thought-out marketing strategy or exceptional B2B web design cannot save you.

Your expertise must be based on whatever you demonstrate and do online. According to research, people nowadays are more interested in the expertise of the firm then they were a few years back. Their complete selection process is based on it.

This is why B2B portal development experts advise you to use the most appropriate imagery and language that perfectly resonates with your target audiences. Your website copy and design must empower your specialization and enhance your credibility.

It must be so well-orchestrated that it portrays your company’s knowledge, expertise and offerings etc. This way, the online community recognizes what they should expect from you and how can you be of any help for them.

You can do it smartly by telling what you’re all about. Give them detailed bios of your team, their images, experience, projects they’ve completed, their accomplishments, and any other useful information that entices them. This is a perfect way to personalize your contact, portray your authority and something with which they can relate too.

6.      Ignite engagement and make them feel you are here for them

Including video features and overviews are also considered nice ways to create engagement. Its 2020, so, people expect the unexpected from you. Provide them something different. Introduce your business in a funky way; show them your work culture or how you’ve achieved clients.

If you are flexible in your approach and ready to mingle with your audience differently and in a more personalized way, people will be more interested to know more about you. This is where you can strike and strike big.

Using social media to your advantage and including links to your team’s social media is another way to create bonding with your target audience. When the people they’ve heard or seen on the screen can be contacted or seem within reach, people will be more comfortable in reaching out to you. After all, this is what B2B or B2C is all about; nurturing connections and strengthening bonds.

Final Words

Following the above mentioned B2B Portal development practices is your sure-shot route to success. People in 2020 have become smart. To remain in the business and succeed in the e-commerce field, you will have to be double smart. People want exceptional services in an easy and engaging way. If you can present them what you have got for them in a simple way that appeals to them, you are winning the battle against your rivals.

Last but not the least, to achieve lasting and resounding success, you as an e-commerce business must have a professional and vastly experienced B2B Website Development company assisting you. Only then you can become different from the pack.

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