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8 Creative Web Design Elements for Improved Retention Rate

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8 Creative Web Design Elements for Improved Retention Rate

Appealing websites have become a necessity in today’s world.


A well-designed website does not only attract more visitors but also contributes significantly to building a strong brand identity.

On the contrary, poorly-designed web design will scare your prospects away while increasing the bounce rates. One mistake, and all your SEO efforts will go in vain.

But if you’ve done your part of research online, then you already know all of this!

You may find a plethora of tips and techniques on how to craft a creative web design for your online business. Your ideas may differ from your business partner or creative team. That’s because, to a certain extent, the design is subjective.

What you find appealing might be regarded as appalling by another person.

So, what elements should you embed on your website to build your strong credibility and positioning? What factors are most significant for your website to improve customer retention rates?

To get the answers to all your whats, explore these 13 creative web design elements to convert prospects into loyal customers and, consequently, improve your customer retention rates.

Floating Images in the Background

Here’s an appealing web page of FLATSEVEN, a renowned men’s designer fashion brand, showcasing one of their products:

brand, showcasing one of their products:


Something about this image is enticing you to get your hands on this blazer


Looks great, right?

Something about this image is enticing you to get your hands on this blazer. Right? These floating images provide an opportunity for prospects to have a closer look at the intricate details they would have loved to see in person.


Take a look at this image


Take a look at this image. The drop shadow effect behind the image is giving strong physical vibes that are more likely to encourage prospective customers to make a purchase.

If you wish to create a stellar web design for your online business and stand apart amongst your competitors, we encourage you to use more floating images like these to ensure immersive user experience for your target audience.

Giant Videos in the Background

Video is increasingly used in today’s web design. It is well-thought-out to be one of the most influential tools of visual communication.

Even though the incorporation of videos on your website increases page speed, the positive first impression it sets on your visitors makes it all worth it.

Using the art of storytelling, businesses can narrate their offerings engagingly and entertainingly. This means they won’t have to worry about writing compelling content as the videos will do all the work.


Take a look at this website above


Take a look at this website above. As soon as you open the website, this video starts playing, allowing you to comprehend better about what the website is about.

These videos are a brilliant way to engage visitors the moment they land on your website. Want to build a creative web design?  Communicate your core business values, through videos, without having to write a single word!

Moreover, human brains are 60,000 times more likely to process videos than text. Most people find it difficult to read and prefer watching videos instead. Videos are easy to digest, and the information represented in them can be consumed conveniently.

Incorporation of Hero Images!

It hardly takes a second for a user to form an opinion about any website. That’s why you need to ensure that your website is easy to comprehend and compelling enough to impress your visitors.

Hero images tend to grasp the user’s attention as soon as they land on your website – enabling them to recognize the brand’s core strengths and values.


Take a look at this website of an activist network


Take a look at this website of an activist network that aims to protect the oceans, waves, and beaches from all kinds of pollution to promote a clean and healthy atmosphere.

As soon as you land on the page, you get the idea of the website is about. Thanks to the interactive carousel header. The combination of text with meaningful images walks you through all the information about the brand.

This is the type of element you need to understand and incorporate to create a compelling yet customized web design for your business.

Responsiveness is a must!

A website with a responsive design is necessary to ensure a seamless user experience.

As a website owner, you must take into account all the mediums used to access your websites, especially smartphones.

With over 50% of smartphone users all across the globe, there is a huge market to please and cater to.


Imagine you are a customer visiting a website for the first time, and you are greeted with zero responsiveness. Would you visit that website ever again?

No, right?!


Having a responsive web design will not just give your business better visibility


Having a responsive web design will not just give your business better visibility, but will also draw more prospective customers than ever – leading to a possible increase in sales and, consequently, profit margins.

The Undeniable Power of Typography


Look at this picture above


Look at this picture above. Despite the vibrant color, the “HAIRCUTS” isn’t the only dominating factor. The “HAIRCUTS” placed just above the image, which is apparently the most crowded part, is adding depth to the visuals below and instantly drawing users’ attention to the center of the screen. Now that’s what we call Teamwork.

Creative typography makes the content look not only appealing but also positively impacts the readability of your website – leading to a more credible and professional website.

Most businesses have consistent typography from the beginning, which acts as a major part of their brand identity and helps them stand apart from their competitors. With a wide range of typography designs available, it has become convenient for brands to accurately represent themselves through typography.

Infographic – A powerful Communication Tool

Infographics are, by far, the most effective tool in the visual world of marketing.

Infographics simplify complex concepts and procedures, making them easy to comprehend and digest through the use of eye-catching visuals.

Research reveals that most people don’t like reading text-heavy websites. Therefore, it is essential for businesses to grasp users’ attention in a stimulating way.


Communicating your core business values through visually compelling infographics can help your business earn a competitive advantage over your competitors.


Imagine you open a website, and see this infographic


Imagine you open a website, and see this infographic. Do you find it fascinating?? Do you like the combination of colors used in the above infographic? Do you understand the message communicated?


I am sure you must agree to all the questions asked above.


Now that’s called a professional infographic!


Using Cartoon Characters to Represent your Business

The trend of using cartoon characters to represent the brands is significantly growing.

Some time back, it was difficult to find good examples of businesses using cartoons as their major marketing tool. However, today, we see hundreds of amazing examples.


Take a look at this example above


Take a look at this example above. Even if a person isn’t exposed to the text, he/she can recognize the strong and confident personality of the brand that is perfectly communicated through the cartoon’s posture.

Many businesses create a cartoon character of their own and use it engagingly in all advertising campaigns. People perceive animated characters as appealing and instantly draw prospective customers’ attention.

Create your own cartoon to convey your brand’s core values and offerings in an engaging yet entertaining manner.

Playing with Hues

Colors possess the ability to sway thinking, influence actions, and cause reactions.

Colors entice human emotions. While some colors excite us, other colors make us blue.


By using different colors, businesses can provoke customers to act in a certain way.


Most food websites extensively use red color


Most food websites extensively use red color. Ever wondered why? Why choose one shade when there are thousands of other hues available in the color spectrum?


Red wakes up the ravenous beast inside each one of us at the very first sight. It is known to trigger hunger, increase a person’s heart rate, excites them, and, consequently, revs up their appetite.


It is this craving for food that encourages customers to enter the restaurant and buy food.


Don’t believe us?


Think about Mc Donald’s. You will get the picture.

Feature Videos

Besides the increasing usage of background videos, the use of short products or feature videos is also growing significantly to communicate the brand’s core values creatively.

These short videos deliver more information in less time and enable visitors to comprehend what the business is all about.

A classic example of this is InVision

A classic example of this is InVision . With the help of a feature video, they explained the features of their products.


According to Inc. Magazine, 92% of B2B customers prefer watching videos before making a purchase. Therefore, B2B companies should use feature videos for marketing their products as they influence the B2B customer’s buying behavior.

Compelling CTA Buttons

Imagine your prospective customer has landed on your website, now what?

How will you persuade them to go through the details of your brand if you don’t provide them with clear guidance?

A call to action plays a significant role in communicating clear instructions regarding the next move to potential customers. There can be multiple calls to action buttons on a single web page for the users to take.

Some great call to actions that aim to direct and educate prospective customers include for more information, download it now, sign up for free, watch till the end, see prices below, etc.

Unconventional Representation of Message

Visitors are more likely to get attracted to businesses that market themselves in a creative and compelling manner.

Take a look at this restaurant’s website

Take a look at this restaurant’s website. Regardless of the “deliberate typos” – which may not have set a great impression at a glance, the combination of unique typefaces and the composition gives the overall website a unique facelift.

Now you understand what we are talking about.

To set a strong foothold amongst your competitors

To set a strong foothold amongst your competitors, sometimes making your images stand out (literally) can be a fantastic idea.


Besides the compelling content, the creative usage of imagery can also help bring a ferocious appeal to your web design.

Adopting the Minimalistic Approach

Simple is better.

Businesses are often seen implementing minimalism onto their web designs.

In case you are wondering why the minimalistic trend is increasingly used by various website designers, that’s because simple websites are relatively more responsive. With fewer elements on the page, the website takes less time to load.


Minimalism allows users to focus on the business’s products or services entirely.

Take a look at this example. What do you see

Take a look at this example. What do you see?


The interface doesn’t only look fascinating, but something about it is persuading to explore more about the website.


Besides instantly drawing attention, the web design justifies the brand’s message of providing creative and interactive virtual experiences in animation.

Now that’s the kind of magic minimalism brings to your website.

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