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8 Best Web Development Tools for Blockchain Developers

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8 Best Web Development Tools for Blockchain Developers

Blockchain, owing to its well-rounded nature, has a whole world to it than just bitcoins and cryptocurrencies. According to a report prepared by Upwork, it is one of the fastest-growing skill on the platform, leaving behind other technologies, such as Tensor Flow and Machine Learning. And why wouldn’t it be?

Almost 90% of the US and Europe banks had been exploring Blockchain’s potential from the past two years.

Well, that is not all!

It is believed that by the end of 2024, corporations all around the works, especially tech giants, will spend around $20 billion annually for Blockchain technical services.

With Blockchain topping the list of the most in-demand tech skills for the coming years, the demand for Blockchain Developers in web development is also through the roof. However, using the term as a skill is as vague as understanding Edge computing and IoT for someone who has just heard the terms. If you are a developer or a developer-to-be interested in blockchain but do not know how to experience this technology’s potential, we might help you.

we have combined a list of tools that will help you break into the sector

In this blog, we have combined a list of tools that will help you break into the sector and affiliate with a web development agency offering the best Blockchain custom web development services. So, without further ado, let’s uncover the 8 best web development tools for Blockchain Developers in 2020 and the years to come:

1. Solidity

Solidity is one of the most used languages in professional web development agencies for blockchain development services. It was influenced by Python, C++, and JavaScript, designed to target the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). It is statically typed and supports libraries, inheritance, and complex user-defined types.

Solidity supports the OOP paradigm and cis, which is commonly used to write smart contracts. With this language, Blockchain Developers can write applications executing self-enforcing business logic that is embodied in smart contracts, thus, leaving an authoritative and non-repudiable record of transactions. It can come handy when creating contracts for crowdfunding, voting, and blind auctions.

2. Golang

Golang, also known as Go, is another top programming language used to create hyper ledger fabric and other decentralized solutions in web development agencies. The language is statically typed and comes loaded with different advanced features and characteristics, such as annotations, constructions, exceptions, and generics.

Golang is fast as light, efficient, and provides facility to handle remote packages as it is smartly implemented with interfaces and channels. Apart from that, it employs “Goroutines” instead of threads. This makes it convenient to perform multithreading without fearing memory consumption and compilation timing. It is considered as one of the most hunted custom web development services a digital agency could offer.

3. BaaS

BaaS or Blockchain as a Service is another term floating on the internet a lot lately. It works in the same way as SaaS. It is basically an offering that allows its users to leverage cloud-based solutions for building host and use their own smart contracts, blockchain apps, and functions on the blockchain. The cloud-based service provider oversees all the required and important activities for keeping the infrastructure operational and agile.

The service is useful to custom web development services providers and individuals who have long yearned to adopt this technology but somehow have been hampered by technical complexities. This tool is great for developers for creating dapps in a much cheaper environment, which supports MultiChain, Storj, Augur, and Eris.

BaaS or Blockchain as a Service is another term floating on the internet a lot lately

4. Coinbase’s API

This tool is a San Francisco-based fiat-to-crypto exchange, and in the past few years, it has become widely used in web development agencies all around the world. Coinbase’s API enables a wide range of capabilities, from gathering read-only data to creating something new. You can also sell, buy, send, and receive bitcoins worldwide with this tool. It also offers several mobile SDKs and client libraries extremely useful for web developers.

Besides all that, it also provides a powerful yet simple REST API to integrate bitcoin cash, bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin payments into your application, and even your business.

5. Mist

Mist is a user-friendly browser interface developed by the creators of Ethereum that communicates with Geth. It is also a wallet. Before you begin to use the platform, you must have a designated place to store Ether tokens and execute your smart contracts. It is possible to download just the Mist’s wallet functionality, but from a Blockchain developer’s perspective, you would miss out on all the features of Geth. Mist is available for Mac, Windows (32-and 64-bit), and Linux (32-and 64-bit).

A professional web design company would use it for deploying smart contracts. However, you are to remember that it is a full node wallet, and you will have to download the entire blockchain Ethereum for it. And, the entire Ethereum means space larger than 1TB. Another significant thin to always keep in mind is that your Mist password can NEVER change. It is a one-time setup, so if you are bad with remembering passwords, this one is definitely not for you.

Note: Mist is unfortunately, now deprecated. However, the functionality is still available as separate components.

6. Metamask

Metamask is another wallet designed to function, which tends to gap the bridge between Ethereum Blockchain and any Brower, which could be Firefox or Chrome. It basically acts as a browser extension offering a software platform that allows you to serve Ether and many other ERC-20 assets while giving you a chance to interact with Ethereum Dapps. The best thing about Metamask is that you can easily operate it from your browser.

Web development agencies usually link it with Coinbase and Shapeshift for buying and selling ETH and ERC-20 tokens. Keys for Ether and ERC-20 tokens can also be saved by using this web development Blockchain tool. The fact that it can interact with other Ethereum test networks makes it an ideal wallet for professional web development agencies that offer custom Blockchain web development services and Blockchain developers. Once a user installs the browser application, he can have a built-in Ethereum wallet ready to be used.

Blockchain custom web development services in detail

7. Blockchain Testnet

When talking about Blockchain custom web development services in detail, we just cannot stress enough on the significance of Blockchain Testnet. Basically, a blockchain testnet allows you to test and assess dApps before having created them. Every blockchain solution has an exclusive testnet. It is highly recommendable by a good web development agency to use the respective testnet for ideal results.

There are three types of blockchain testnets, namely Public Test, Private Test, and the GanacheCLI. Blockchain testnets are very important for both developers and web development agencies as that allow you to test your dApps for errors and bugs without wasting a lot of money and resources on it. For example, Ethereum uses gas as the fuel to perform a variety of operations. Now, spending a lot of your budget and resources on gas every time you need to do a test can bring one under serious financial burden in no time. Thankfully, we have testnets that male testing quick and affordable.

8. Embark

Embark is our last tool on the list that developers should certainly find more about. It is a developer framework for Ethereum applications, which means it allows you to develop and deploy dapps quickly. You can even develop a serverless html5 application that uses decentralized technologies with it. Embark tool enables developers to create new smart contracts from scratch and also make them accessible in the JS code. Embark watches for changes and updates, so if you try to update the contract, this technology will automatically modify the related dapp and contracts.

Moreover, it can also manage smart contract migration in case of multiple contracts. It automatically redeploys the contracts and watches them for changes. It supports test-driven contracts development with JavaScript and helps developers easily manage contracts on multiple blockchains, such as a private net, testnets, and the live network.

If you want to interact with the Embark platform, you can use conventional web development languages. Many custom web development service providers use React, Meteor, and Angular etc. Developers can use any build pipeline, including gulp or grunt.

Wrapping Up…

All the above-mentioned web development tools for blockchain have their own supportive features that can help you, especially blockchain developers, to grow your technology stack. As a developer, you will be able to identify and scrutinize data while optimally choosing the best tool to increase your application’s performance.

However, suppose you need to hire a reliable custom web development service provider for rapidly developing blockchain web applications and redefine your business network. In that case, Brandezk is the right place to drop by. Their panel of proficient Blockchain Developers can undoubtedly help you accomplish your desired results in no time.

If you have any confusions/questions or want to add anything to this blog, please leave a comment in the comments section below.

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