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7 Web Designing Trends to Rock 2021 | Unique Trends

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Brands in the contemporary era need responsive, interactive, and unique site designs to attract customers. As technology is getting advance, business requirements are also enhancing. Previously, people used to sell things only in traditional brick and mortar stores. However, now everything is getting online. Instead of spending time traveling and burning dollars, people prefer shopping online, which is why web design agency is gaining much popularity.

Why get unique site designs

No matter if you are giving your site a revamp or getting a new unique site design from scratch. A useful web will make your brand stand out and bring more business. Here are all the reasons why every brand must get a unique site design.

Makes an excellent first impression

They say the first impression sets the last impression. You even get the chance to make impressions better with a human, but there are no second chances when it comes to a site. Your site would either attract leads at the very first glance or else visitors are never coming back.

Hence, never underestimate the importance of a responsive and unique site design. You can also contact any good web design agency to build your site based on web design trends 2021.

Enhance your SEO strategy

The main task of SEO optimization is to make your site visibility stronger organically. With good, SEO search engines will showcase your site on the top pages. However, if your site will not have good design and other features like effective content and good speed, your site will most likely not rank. Thus, unique site designs also get your business more organic results and, eventually, more profit.

Shows your organization is a professional one

Would you buy things from a store that is not professional? No right. There are several stores out there then why opt for a company that is not professional. Similarly, a site that does not have a useful and attractive user interference, and the user experience it provides is also ineffective; such sites are highly unprofessional. These sites will never be able to attract more customers.

Unique site design helps your business to stand out

As they say, there are millions of similar businesses out there, then why would customers pick your brand? Getting a unique site design will convince your targeted audience to try out your brand. It would showcase to the targeted audience how your brand is unique and why it stands out from other similar companies.

For instance, if you are selling groceries online. A good web design agency will build an attractive and unique site design based on web designing trends 2021, but the site will be highly interactive. It will be easy to navigate, loading speed will be fast, and the theme will soothe eyes instead of soaring them. On the other hand, any brand that might lack these features on their site will have a high turnover rate. This is going to impact the brand negatively.

Now that you understand the need for unique site design for businesses, it’s also vital that you learn the basic features over which each web design agency relies on creating a unique site design. Unless a site does not have these two elements, that are UI and UX, it cannot come amongst web designing trends 2021.

Let’s have a detailed look at UI/UX.

What is UI/UX?


Good and unique site designs do not depend only on one aspect; instead, designers put in all their efforts to provide users the best user interaction and user experience (UI/UX).

UI stands for user interface design. The user interface decides the graphical layout of a site. It consists of the navigation buttons to help visitors guide about each page. It makes the text that appears on the site easy to read. It makes the images look attractive. Every element that visitors have to interact with on the site, including screen layout, transitions, and even micro-interaction, comes under the user interaction category.

The UI designers in a web design agency decide what the web design is going to look like. They choose the color schemes, button shapes, width of lines, and fonts, etc.

UX refers to user experience design. The users’ experience of the site and how they interact with it is based on user experience. UX designers check if the unique site design experience is smooth and intuitive or clunky and confusing. If the navigation feels logical or arbitrary, and so on.

In short, the UI designers are tasked to work on the user interface. And the UX designers are in charge of determining how the user interface operates.

Since you have learned all the basics about unique site designs, let us explore some of the web designing trends in 2021.

web designing trends 2021

The Dark Side

One of the most used web designing trends in 2021 is the Dark mode. It gives an ultra-modern look and feel. It reverses the typical dark-on-light user interface that offers two specific benefits. First, the device in use emits less light. Hence, the electricity consumption is reduced, resulting in an extension of battery life. And second, the dark mode decreases the light entering the eye and reduces eye strain. Ergo helps in getting better sleep.

Other than these advantages, dark more is also aesthetically pleasing. The colors have more impact on dark backgrounds, and the site elements are also easier to highlight for viewers.

Colorful, unique site design

On the one hand, dark mode is getting famous. On the other hand, people are also opting for colorful site designs. Using multiple colors in a site makes the design more appealing and gives a different vibe to the viewers. The combination of bold colors like black and red, navy blue, and royal purple are great for captivating customers.

Asymmetrical design

Another one of the web design trends 2021 is Asymmetrical design. This asymmetrical page layout expands the limits of traditional web design in apparent defiance of user interface design, the grid system.

Previously page layouts tend towards perfect symmetry and order. However, now the web design agency designers are experimenting with more dynamic and unbalanced structures to give unique site design a more playful feel.

Parallax animation

Animations are the new haute couture of the decade. In 2021’s unique site design industry, animations are getting complex. They separate the page elements into foreground and background to a parallax effect.

Parallax is an optical illusion in which the objects nearer to the viewer appear to move faster as compared to the objects that are farther.


Neumorphism is gaining incredible traction recently. The style is a successor to skeuomorphism, which is a design approach that includes renderings of familiar and outdated materials into the current designs. On the contrary, neumorphism represents a merger of designs that mimic physicality with selective drop shadows while shrouding semi-flat colors.

The effect lets designers reclaim the tangible experience and heightens the user’s connection with the design he interacts with.

Abstract art compositions

Abstract shapes consisting of geometric primitives, including squares and circles, are simple, minimalist, and restrictive. They can be the web design trends as web design agencies incorporate them into complex and sprawling compositions that exude autonomy.

These abstract art arrangements in the unique site designs take the place of stock photography and figure illustrations. They include images of people to evoke emotions.

Comfortable colors

Since the increasingly digital nature in the job market is increasing these days, most people spend most of their time on computers. Due to this, users are experiencing eye strains as they stare at the screen for long periods of time. The latest web design trends 2021 also has something for people facing eye strain issue. Designers are working with color schemes to make the experience easier for the eyes.

Scrolling transformations

When users scroll through unique site designs, they navigate the pages and interact with these navigations. The actions they perform on the page, like scrolling through the screen, can be made more interesting and be sed for hooking up customers’ attention. By using scrolling transformation, designers are making the new web design trends 2021 even more exciting and engaging.

Over to you

There are several unique site designs, and even more, are coming through. Other than the above-given site designs, designers are working day in and day out to create designs the best site designs.

At the end of the day, it all comes to attractive, captivating, and unique site designs created by the best web design agencies. Unless a brand does not have these features on their site, and the site is not interactive and responsive, chances are it will lose the leads. And without leads landing on your site, you cannot convert visitors to potential customers.

Hence, no matter which niche your business belongs to clothing, eating, car servicing, etc. With a good web design, you can attract massive customers.










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