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7 Actionable Tips To Ace Your Multiple Page Applications

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7 Actionable Tips To Ace Your Multiple Page Applications

When it comes to making such multiple page apps or websites that are stunning, user friendly, easy to use, have easy navigation, and stellar designs, a lot of custom web design services providers miss out on a number of things.


Also, from a marketing point of view, none of the marketing aspects is as important as making a website or multiple page application quality-oriented. Every web development agency knows that by making a fantastic multi page application or web design, they are letting their client put their best foot forward in the market.


Having a professional web design is like the storefront of your brink and mortar shop. If the outlook is incredible and luring, the visitors are surely going to have a peep in. Once they are inside, you have accomplished your first mission. Now, they can buy your product/service anytime and it’s just a matter of time.


Whether you have just stepped into the business world, already doing business but didn’t have an online representation, medium business wasting to making a large or a well-established organization having plans of expanding their wings, having a multiple page app that impresses is an integral point that leads your towards long-term success.


To score big on the large scale, you need to be proactive and learn the difference between good web design and a great one. Having a good design of your multiple-page application is the norm. Many businesses have accomplished it. It may not be the breakthrough you are looking for.


A great MPA having a professional web design done by a leading web development agency is what differentiates between platforms that convert visitors into users and ultimately into brand ambassadors. This is why we always emphasize on a great website instead of a good one. It represents your business or organization the right way; exactly how you want.


Are ready-made designs and templates enough?

Well, in today’s time to make astounding multiple page applications you need something extra. Also, to present the visitors with something that impresses them, you as a business must go the extra mile. This is the exact reason why custom web design services have become so famous.


They provide tailor-made solutions based on the attributes of your business, the specialty of your product/service and the qualities of your consumers. There is no doubt that there are hundreds of templates available in the market.


And the fact is that these ready to use templates that come with drag and drop functionality have made the job of web designers extremely easy. Let alone the professional web design experts, even the beginners can make use of these to make outstanding web designs.


The process of web and app designing has become drastically simple and easy. However, it is you who are going to decide whether you need something custom that is tailor-made based on your business requirements and how you cater to your audiences or something that looks off the shelf.


All leading custom web design services providers suggest you to always go for something that is unique and perfectly portrays your business. We all know no two businesses can be the same. So, one size fits all mantra is something that doesn’t fit well when it comes to multiple page application designs.


Now, if you are one of those smart and futuristic businesses men convinced with the importance of custom designs, well done. You are on the right track to success and one step ahead of others. However, you must be itching to know the important factors that will help you ace your multiple page app.


So what makes your multiple page applications lead the competition? Just read on the top 7 actionable tips to ace your MPA


1. Make sure they are fully functional and well designed

It is a well-known fact that your web site or multiple page web application describes your business, brand, product or service. And it should.


This is your chance to score big. If you want to have an edge on your competitors, make sure you focus on your visuals i.e., your design. The characteristics that you need to work on are:

  • Making it eye-catching
  • Appealing
  • Professional
  • Uncluttered layouts
  • Sensible usage of whitespace
  • Simple and easy navigation
  • Top class graphics
  • Quality but compressed images
  • And your brand message must be clear and able to shine through.

Some other significant characteristics that must be there on your MPA are is that it must load quickly, and as expected. Your quality assurance must be rigorous, testing must be regular to make sure the functionality and speed are up to the mark.


Having a professional web design demands that every page of your web app is fast and according to the expectations of the users’. As any page could be a potential customer’s first impression. To ace your MPA make sure it is fast, no page shows 404 error, nothing on-page is mediocre, and there isn’t any flaw that forces them to leave.

2. Easy to Use

Modern consumers are mostly in hurry and looking for quick information. If you want to ace your MPA, we suggest you don’t make them wait for the right information. User Experience (UX) is an integral part of the design that makes visitors stay on your web app. If you want to succeed in UX, make sure to create such pages that come with logical navigation and hierarchy. Usage of consistent, uncluttered layouts and visual cues is going to help you with your functionality in the long run.


Experts in Magento web development recommend that you are careful when it comes to fulfilling users’ requirements. Help them accomplish their needs like onsite search and this will make them stay on your pages for long. Moreover, when they are on your pages, present them with the most suitable content that interests them.

3. Your MPA must be optimized for mobile

When it comes to appearance and functionality, both go hand in hand. If one doesn’t perform well, people won’t care one bit about the other. Appearance and performance on any platform is the key to success and experienced web development agencies can help you achieve it.


Your visitors can be of any age and can land on your page from any device. Make sure the page pleases people of all ages and performs well irrespective of which device they are using. Optimizing for smaller screen sizes will not only help you enhance your user experience but you will also score big when it comes to SEO rankings.

4. Fresh, Quality Content

Another factor that will help you ace your MPA is the presenting of fresh, quality, informative and quality content. Provide them with something that not only solves their problem but also keeps their interest alive. Provide information in easy to understand language. No jargon and technical terms should be there.


Cash their short attention spans by quickly grabbing their attention. Be relevant, accurate, provide complete info and update your content on regular basis. Maintain your presence on social media channels and keep the link juice flowing via your blog posts.


This benefits you dually. Firstly, it aids you in your SEO rankings and secondly, the visitors will return in search of more information and quality based content.

5. Accessible contact and location

One thing that all large businesses and organizations do is that they make their ‘contact us’ phenomenon quite easy and accessible. By offering different points of contact like phone, email, physical address, social media links and easy ‘contact us’ form will make your audiences’ life easy.


A professional web design is incomplete if these basics are not readily available on the contact us page or every page of your MPA.

6. Clear calls to action

Ask any custom web design services providers and they will surely tell you to focus on your CTAs. If you don’t want users to take specific actions while they are on your site, how can you push them down your sales funnel? A site without any call to actions or ineffective ones is a mere wastage of time, effort and resources.


Call to actions define the purpose of your website like what actually do you want them to do or what you want from them. As a business site, you will definitely want them to buy or subscribe to your product/service. Even the sites working only for informational purposes require visitors to share their posts after going through them.


They want people to follow them on social media, subscribe to their newsletters, share the platform with their loved ones, download toolkits or know more about the organization and hence stay on the pages for longer period of time or return. CTAs are a business’s lifeline. Well thought out and strategically placed buttons can play an integral part in generating high ROI.

7. Your MPA must be optimized for Search and Social web

Just having a beautiful and professional web design from a leading web development agency is not enough in the current times. It must be optimized so that it experiences continuous traffic. If this isn’t the case, all the effort, time and resources spent the professional web design, development, user-friendly navigation and content will all go in vain.


Although there are hundreds of guidelines and basic points to be on track when it comes to Search Engine Optimization, however, you need to follow some of the most basic and important ones like:

  • Use of page titles and meta tags on every page.
  • Alt tags on every image used on the website
  • Base your content on keywords or words that people normally enter in the Google search or any other search engine
  • Do not stuff or spam the use of these key phrases in the content to deceive the search engine
  • Make sure your HTML code is clean and use CSS for creating modern layouts

Last but not the least; make sharing of your content easy for your visitors. Social media is a powerful option these days and making the right usage of it can surely have a positive impact on your search rankings. Sharing links is another important aspect and a quite obvious thing when it comes to social media and web.

Wrapping up

Above mentioned were 7 most useful, effective and actionable tips to ace your multiple page applications. All these points are gathered from the highly renowned industry professional and top custom web design services providers who have served hundreds and thousands of clients up till now and allowed them to taste huge success with their multiple page applications.

So, when are you calling a web development agency for your MPA needs? You better hurry up because your rivals are already doing it. Don’t let them gain the lead.

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