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18 Hottest Web Design and Development Trends To Follow in 2021

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18 Hottest Web Design and Development Trends To Follow in 2021

It’s remarkable that web development and design trends sometimes change faster than they can be implemented. To create a professional design, developers always have to be one step ahead. For that purpose, it’s essential to have a keen follow-up with web development trends and hire custom web development services to create a flawless site with a seamless user experience.


The question is, what does the future hold for this sphere? There are more than 1.94 billion sites around the world. From, “how to pass without studying ?” to “How to develop a mobile app?”, there are sites on a variety of subjects. The technology shift in web development and design tools has boosted companies to hire custom web development services to expand the paradigm of their web development and designs.


Whether it’s e-commerce site development or content marketing, there has been a significant change in the sites over the years. The old world’s slow, lazy, and inactive sites are now transforming into web-apps that provide a great user experience. As custom web development services are exploring new trends and technologies, there are new horizons to be unraveled. More businesses want these technologies to be integrated and incorporated into the web development to create a professional web design and development.


Consumers visit tons of sites constantly, which means that businesses need to somehow draw their attention and make them stay on a site for as long as possible. With the help of custom web development services and their fresh ideas and perspectives, many businesses find ways to succeed in building a visually appealing and intuitive web solution.


At this point, the digital world is where they have almost limitless possibilities to build a strong connection with their clients. Therefore, with now uncountable opportunities to connect, business needs to keep two things in mind. First, understand that web designs play an important role. It is responsible for a visitor’s first impression of your business, and great design can help the brand to improve sales numbers. Thus, it is more important than ever to incorporate professional web design into their marketing strategy. Secondly, the site should work as smoothly as possible. A chaotic site plus slow and confusing navigation will be hard for customers to properly use the site.

Digital tendencies and users' expectations change every day

Digital tendencies and users’ expectations change every day. Some trends become outdated and move beyond, but some are here to stay. It means that businesses need to follow the hottest and recent trends to grab customers’ attention and stand apart from the crowd. Here are 18 web design and development trends to follow in 2021.


eCommerce site development is performance

The first thing that shouldn’t be negotiated during normal or eCommerce site development is performance. Low performance affects straightly on user experience and makes it worse. However, with this technology, the code in any programming language can be compiled into bytecode. Here are the following advantages of using web assembly.

  • it’s autonomous of programming language and platform
  • independent of hardware
  • executes code faster
  • Renders a high level of security

Voice Search and Navigation

Most devices, which are around you now, can hear you

Most devices, which are around you now, can hear you. This involves smartphones, watches, laptops, tablets. A lot of automobile functions can also be controlled with voice. It all boils down to the fact that we don’t need to physically interact or address the device so often to perform a task.

Thus, A habit is formed among the people in such a way that each customer on the subconscious level expects that all services will provide this opportunity. Therefore, custom web development services can create sites that have voice search and simple navigation.

Voice search and navigation on sites allow the users to have a seamless user experience, execute tasks within a very limited time frame, and provide ease of use.

People nowadays prefer to spend less time typing commands. This is why there is a significant increase in the use of voice search. Therefore, custom web development services are able to implement this trend with proper functionality.

Motion design UI

Motion design is one of the main web design trends

Motion design is one of the main web design trends. Minimalistic design accompanied by sophisticated interactions looks good and draws visitor’s attention. Elements used to create, build, and implement great motion design are page header transitions, charts, Pop-ups, pull-down menu, and scrolling.

All of these components will help the business to display their unique style and entertain the visitor, improving behavioral factors, and helping your site to get a higher rank in search results. With the help of custom web development services, motion design can be implemented without loss of download speed. Therefore, if you want to hold the visitor on your page, then start thinking about the animation today.

Serverless Architecture

Serverless technologies are the result of searching for the opportunity to avoid system overloading, data loss, and expensive development. Consequently, one of the solutions became cloud computing, which can replace regular servers. How server architecture helps web development? Basically, it reduces development and ongoing support budgets, strengthens the architecture of the site, and increases its flexibility.

The most common tasks that can be very quickly executed due to serverless technologies are downloading files backups, notification delivery, and objects export. Declared differently, serverless architecture is one more trend, which will dramatically change the approach towards web development.


Progressive Web Apps is a new age web development technology

Progressive Web Apps is a new age web development technology. There are exceptional options like offline mode, responsive web, interactive web. Custom web development services use HTML, CSS, and Javascript technologies to deliver high-end web applications.

The offline feature in PWAs is quite popular. Take an example of Google Maps. It gives access to offline maps. Similar features can be appended to the brand’s web application by custom web development services. Custom web development services store the static files into the browser cache. Next thing they add business logic for the web-app to pull static files when asked by the visitor. The great thing is that PWAs work both on mobile and desktop providing web-apps across devices.

Dark mode

One of the hottest web design trends for 2020

One of the hottest web design trends for 2020, which will continue to rise and will dominate 2021 is dark mode. Brands like Instagram, Apple, and Android offer dark themes in their products. Here is the essence as to why this trend has gained popularity. Dark mode looks ultra-modern, It allows highlighting and popping of other design elements of sites, It saves device battery power, and It reduces eye strain in low-light conditions. Many applications give visitors the capability to choose when to activate the dark mode. For example, Apple users can schedule times to change their device appearance automatically. You can pick the “Sunset to Sunrise” option or set a certain time to perform the transition.

Moreover, Dark mode improves the visibility and clarity of other accent colors for a truly dynamic design. Coincidentally, the Dark Mode Design Aesthetic also goes in perfectly with other prevalent 2021 design trends including dark and moody color schemes combined with shiny neon as well as futuristic yet dark cyberpunk and dystopian styles.

Immersive 3D elements

3D design elements have engaged visitors for many years. The popularity of this trend is going to increase in 2021 as VR and AR technologies are gaining more momentum now. So, it’s a perfect idea to blend these techniques to create hyper-realistic 3D visuals for visitors.

The trend allows custom web development services to prettify their client’s sites. This way, by incorporating immersive 3d elements, brands encourage potential customers to stay longer and increase the average session time. Such visuals attract users as they exceed boundaries between the virtual space and real life.

Soft shadows, layers, and floating elements

The innovative design aim stands for building intensity. This trend is very important for eCommerce site design as soft shadows and floating visuals evoke positive emotions within customers. They provide the intensity in elements and which makes the webpage look slightly 3D. This gives a competitive edge to eCommerce site design and eCommerce site development in the digital marketplace.

Moreover, it is advised to apply soft drop shadows for showing enhanced depth. This combination gives the possibility of creating a drown effect and a lightweight feeling.

Bold fonts

The thing is that most users pay regard to the webpage heading first. For this goal

Bold fonts have gained momentum. The thing is that most users pay regard to the webpage heading first. For this goal, it is essential to grab customers’ attention by using bold fonts for titles. This technique allows brands to add more visual sense to the information, category, subject, service, or product. Apart from the usability aspect, this trend adds a modern view to site design. For example, Apple actively implements bold fonts on their sites.

Mixing photography with graphics

Another hot UI/UX design trend in 2021 will be the overlapping of graphics onto the images. Such a mixing technique allows custom web development services to unleash creativity and implement fabulous designs. This collage-like tendency is flexible. is a perfect way to customize images and add extra personality to the eCommerce site design.

White space

custom web development services can provide the brand with a design

With the help of whitespace, custom web development services can provide the brand with a design that can be used to guide a reader from one element to another. Custom web development services vital goal is to make the site look simple and user friendly. It is the space that balances the things which are present on the site and reminds us that designs are attractive.

White space supports visitors to move through your site pages, like a natural current, flowing from one element to the next. The white space provides allows the viewer’s eyes to rest.

Full-page headers

Web designers design various types of headers because they know that the header provides custom web development services a room to play and be creative, especially on the homepage. This also includes a collection that involves adding key or call-to-action(CTA) buttons to the left of the header with eye-catching images on the right. CTA buttons are absolutely identified and tell visitors exactly what they need to do to get the added experiences.


Interactive site elements have become increasingly popular, and this web design trend will only continue to grow in 2021. Consumers spend more time on sites that utilize responsive and interactive features. Unfortunately, UX design trends like this can be expensive and time-consuming to implement. This responsive web design is not only visually appealing and enlightening, but it also keeps the visitors on the site longer and increases brand awareness.

Non-Traditional Scrolling

A number of sites are using different scrolling techniques for a unique user experience

A number of sites are using different scrolling techniques for a unique user experience. Typical scrolling experience is, of course, vertical. Horizontal scrolling is a trend that’s disruptive in a good way. It grabs attention while remaining simple and functional. Accompanied with high-quality images and video with horizontal scrolling, it creates a great user experience for the visitor. We’re definitely going to see more of non-traditional scrolling.

Gradient Color

people definitely noticed the new gradient logo

When Instagram rebranded in 2016, people definitely noticed the new gradient logo. It was so different from the popular style at the time, but their decision to modernize gradients impacted design as a whole. Gradients have now become more popular among creatives when searching for new site design inspiration. We expect to see more and more gradients incorporated in new site designs in the next year, among other 2021 site design trends.

Artificial intelligence

Today, people expect more and more personalization. However, here AI relates in the context of web development and then results in affecting the design. In 2021, companies are going to want to use the technology to create targeted and highly personalized webpages particular to the context. AI helps to gather information about their users, perform the test, and place the right element at the appropriate place for optimum results

Web Page Speed

As people are always in a hurry to browse the web, and when the page is slow, they leave it and look for an alternative. After all, there are too many sites. About 47% of visitors expect a site page to load within 2 seconds or even less.

Asymmetric layouts

Sites are developed on a grid. Since every site is built on a grid

Sites are developed on a grid. Since every site is built on a grid, this reduces the uniqueness of the site. Therefore, the world is moving towards asymmetric design. Asymmetry is an option to change tradition and move to brutalism, personality, shaky energy, and just fun. However, still there is a need to create a sense of balance. The aim is to make sure that no part of the page looks “heavier” than the rest.

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