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12 Important Considerations That Can Make Your New Website A Hit

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“Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.”

Custom web development is an important aspect where business ideas are transformed into reality. Web development can either make or break your business profitability.  The website’s compatibility, feature, loading time, and expandability can help you generate profit online. Good web design is nothing without a great developer – they both go hand in hand.

Custom websites are tailor-made for your business and brand. Agencies that offer custom web design services develop websites specifically for your target audience and this gives you a unique competitive advantage over others.

Businesses prefer customized services as using templates can make your website look boring and basic. Custom web development will give you an extra edge in the digital marketplace. Enhancing your website with different colors, layout, and fonts can make a huge difference. Here are the 12 things that need to be considered if you want to make your website a hit:

1. Clean-Cut Design



Arguably, one of the most important things to consider during a custom web development is a quality design that is attractive and easy to navigate. Clean designs help viewers to focus on the value of brand and content instead of distracting graphics.

Viewers often associate website design with the quality of a brand and its products and services.

Now when it comes to web design, to make a successful website,you first need tohire a professional web design development agency. Web design services provider approach new projects analytically and work at capturing the essence of what the customers are trying to relay om.While newbie web designerscan help you in acquiring a fully customizable web design template but often do not provide you the kind of widget you desire for your website. But withcustom web design services, you don’t have to worry about this issue as you can count on your developers to build your website design according to your business needs.

Further, when you opt for a template instead of hiring custom web design services, you’ll face the dilemma of “uniqueness”. Web templates are used by millions of users as they are feer, which means your website will not be unique and will look similar to almost every other website. In addition to this, templates define the website structure and behavior, whereas custom web design services offer a better user experience. Agencies that offer custom web design services will provide you with flexibility in design and tailor your website as per your business needs.

2.  Website Security


With the constant evolution of technology, new advanced security risks have emerged to threaten and comprise your website’s integrity. You need to think critically about security features of your website. Agencies that offer custom web development services can help you in this regard.

Since websites are build to conduct online transactions, payments, and more. There is a need to secure the website from malware, virus, and hackers. Custom web development will help you prevent security breaches from both front end and back end as your website will be developed on a secure platform.

3. Website Compatibility



Your website’s compatibility is essential if you want to provide your viewers with an easy-to-use website and expect it to rank on search engines. The website should load properly on all browsers, including Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome and more. As technology progress, browsers continue to adapt and so should your website.

Agencies that offer custom web development services ensure that the website is reachable on multiple browsers and mobile devices, including their older versions.Neglecting and not considering this step will disappoint a fairly wide consumer base,which can prove to be a costly issue for a growing business.

4.  Proper CMS


Consider creating your custom Content Management System which will enable you to create and manage digital content. It is impossible to develop a great website without a functional program taking care of the backend. The backend is where the real magic happens.

Without a strong backend program, your website won’t be able to “wow” the visitors. Your website must utilize an open-source CMS like WordPress. Hire a WordPress development company that provides professional WordPress development services including upgrade, customization, plugin development, WordPress web development, WordPress migration and many more. Custom CMS web development gives you more control over the content of your website with multiple functionalities, interfaces, and updates. The best part is that you gain access to the admin console, which allows you to edit and change the content of your website as your business grows.

5.  Short Loading Time


Nothing irks visitor more than slow loading time. Loading time is a very vital aspect of the website. It is best to test your website before releasing it. Short loading websites provide information on the exact time without irritating the visitor. A website with a higher loading time frustrates the visitors and they might end up turning to the rivalsite.

6. Easy Navigation



To make your website a hit, follow the “KISS: keep it simple silly” rule. A website should not be a labyrinth for your customers. While carrying out custom web development, make sure that the website has a simple sales funnel and easy navigation for customers. If a website is confusing and difficult to navigate, there are high chances that your visitors will leave the website and never return.

Further, easy navigation also increases traffic on a website. Streamlining navigation by eliminating unnecessary pages may decrease the load time while improving the quality of your brand’s online presence.

7. SEO Fundamentals



The website development agency you hire must have a good understanding of search engine optimization. They should be aware of how the search engine crawls and indexes the content. By improving your custom web development code, you can increase the overall return on investment. SEO code act as a guide for the search engine by providing a clear picture of the site’s content.

If a website has good SEO, it’ll attract a greater number of webpage visitors by showing up high enough in search engine result pages. Agencies that offer expert WordPress development services will also add plugins on your website to help your website rank better.

8.  Scalability & Flexibility


Custom web development can help you create a website that is scalable to accept the heavy flow of traffic and flexible enough to add new functionality to the existing platform.

“Scaled development is not a special kind of development. It’s a set of principles and techniques that help you design an application to a high standard.”

A number of problems can occur if the website is not scalable such as, decrease in the number of visitors and a reduction in the performance of web applications. This will also negatively impact the expansion of product pages on your website, adversely affect the page load time and updates of the inventory of your e-commerce site.

9.  Quality Content


When designing and developing a website, it is important to write and upload quality and original content on the website to attract customers and visitors. Keywords used in your content can affect your site’s ranking in search engine results.

Further, add links to credible resources and pages on your website. Posting duplicate content can result in penalties from Google and possible removal from search engine results.

10. Analytics



Custom web developers have the mechanism to accurately and efficiently calculate the return on investment. Both traditional and mobile sites developers can use google analytics and google webmaster tools to efficiently monitor traffic, engagement, the conversion rate of your website.

Further, these tools uncover which marketing strategy was more effective, making your website smart and successful.

11.  Social Media


The integration of social media is now no longer a novelty – it is a requirement. Allowing visitors to share videos, images, and graphics on a social media platform through the share button on the website can help you to maintain an effective social media presence and brings traffic to the website.

12.  Responsiveness


While many instructors fail to highlight the importance of a website’s responsiveness and even a more number of developers, fail to incorporate this into their websites, as of today, and perhaps the next 10 years, a website’s responsiveness will be one of the most important considerations that can contribute towards making it the highlight of your business.

No matter how good the design, security, and content of your webpage, if the user doesn’t stick to it, not only the increasing bounce rate will contribute negatively to your SERP rankings, but user disengagement will drastically impact your business` operations and profitability. Pro tip – Focus on responsiveness and user engagement! This is amongst the most overlooked element, whilst being amongst the most important ones!

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